If you are asking questions like, “What is independent living?” you have likely begun exploring the world of senior living options. Perhaps you’ve started travelling for pleasure and maintaining a large home is too much. Maybe your house is too big for your needs. Or maybe your children have suggested that you should make some new friends. Whatever your reason for exploring senior living options, understanding the terms people use is a good place to begin.

Independent living means a living arrangement that allows a person to maximize their ability to choose where they go, what they do, and how they live, while granting that person access to the benefits of a community of people in the same stage of life as they are.
In the independent living neighborhood at The Views at Lake Havasu, you would be rid of the stress of homeownership, including property taxes, lawn maintenance, home repair, and housekeeping. You would have less to manage and more free time to enjoy. You would have access to all the resources The Views at Lake Havasu provides, such as dining options, an on-site salon, and beautiful outdoor spaces, while having the privacy of your own apartment and your own schedule.

Independent living is a fantastic option for adults, aged 55 and over, who want to simplify their lives without losing their quality of life.

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